Below you will find some of our most common resolutions

1.Lien/Levy/Garnishment Removal- If you have an active bank levy or wage garnishment, we can work with the IRS in order to have it released as soon as possible. We also even have the ability to release liens placed on you to help get that red mark from the IRS off of your credit and/or property!

2.Partial-Pay installment agreement- With a partial-pay installment agreement, you walk away with only paying a portion of your outstanding liability. We have the ability to set you up into an installment agreement that specifically caters to your income and expenses. This resolution is particularly helpful for individuals who have a very large tax liability and very little available funds left at the end of the month.

3.Streamline Installment Agreement - Have a small liability, and just want to get it taken care of in a reasonable fashion? A streamline installment agreement is your best option. No documentation needed, and your IRS liability will be resolved quickly and fairly painlessly!

4.Currently Non-Collectible (CNC)- CNC is a hardship status that the IRS places taxpayers in who simply cannot afford any type of payment whatsoever. If your situation shows you cannot afford your monthly expenses, you may qualify for a CNC. With a CNC, you do not pay the IRS a single penny until your financial situation changes.

5.Offer in Compromise (OIC)- An OIC is the most sought after resolution. With an OIC, the IRS agrees to accept less than what you owe, and they eliminate your remaining liability. This resolution is only offered to clients in the more dire of situations, but it is obtainable if your situation calls for it.

6.Filing Delinquent Tax Returns- The IRS will not honor any type of resolution unless you are a compliant taxpayer. In order to be compliant, you must have all of your tax returns filed. If you are missing any tax returns, our tax professionals can file these in order to get you back into good standing with the IRS.

7.Innocent Spousal Relief- Did your current or former spouse participate in any activity that created a joint tax liability such as failing to report income? If this is the case, you may qualify for Innocent Spousal Relief to get yourself removed from your share of the liability. .

8.Assisting you with IRS audits- Although unlikely, we can work with you to get through potential IRS tax audits.

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